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Danyel - Positivity Mindset Life Coach

Meet Danyel!

Danyel is a warm-hearted and very talented dog groomer who has recently chosen to go off on her own path as a Certified Life Coach. Her ability to follow her intuition and find perspective in all situations has led her to the nickname of "Princess Positivity." This woman can truly see the forest through the trees, including in times of difficulty.

Even when discussing my own tribulations about diving into photography and all that could go wrong, Danyel has never once allowed me to be consumed by my fears of failure, only painting a path of light and helping me gain more self-confidence. She gave me my first chance at a paid engagement photo shoot for herself and her husband after seeing just ONE photo of mine that I didn't think much of. She followed that up by providing me with my first WEDDING opportunity (in the Bahamas, no less) on a complete hunch, but one she had the utmost confidence in.

The example Danyel sets, especially for those who are held back by their anxiety (like me!), is truly inspiring. For years, I've let my own fears hold me back from chasing one of the my greatest passions I've had in my life. I wouldn't be where I am today, following my dream of being a photographer, if not for having had the experiences I've had with her. If you're feeling lost in this new year and looking for guidance/direction, I cannot recommend Danyel enough.

Learn more about Danyel and the services she offers by checking out her life coaching page both here on facebook (Becoming Me) or by visiting her website at

Don't let fear hold you back from realizing your potential any longer - life goes fast!

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